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Citrus Care Newsletter

Part of living in a warm southern climate is being able to enjoy growing winter fruits that our northern friends envy this time of the year.

Citrus was thought to have been introduced to Arizona in the 1700's and has long been established as one of Arizona's 5 C's (Along with copper, cattle, cotton and climate)

There are many varieties available in our area, which have their own ripening season, frost sensitivities and enjoyment factor.

Citrus require ample water, especially during the heat of summer. Mature trees should be watered every 7-10 days in the summer to a depth of 3 feet in the soil, with the water moving beyond the tree canopy.

It is recommended for Citrus to be fertilized a minimum of 2 times per year. March and August. Monitor weather conditions closely to fine-tune the application timing

Some varieties are alternate bearing. Trees produce fruit every other year or heavy one year, light in the following year.

Citrus trees purge leaves in the warm winter, often seen by yellow, older leaves dropping from limbs.

Citrus prefer well-drained soils since some rootstocks are subceptable to a common root rot, Phytophthora which can develop in poorly drained soil.

Citrus can be very rewarding trees to grow in your yard or community.

We at Green Solutions will provide you with the knowledge and care of your trees that they can provide you with decades of fruit to share with friends and neighbors !

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